They say an artist is only as good as his tools; for a makeup artist this is truly the mantra to live by! Growing up around my mother and three older sisters, as a little girl I was always intrigued and inclined to somehow get my hands on the “forbidden fruit” that laid bare on their dressers and cosmetics boxes. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one fascinated by the large powder brushes (giving myself extremely cartoonish pink cheeks), varsity of sponges and all the other equipment that baffled yet dazzled the little girl at the time. Fast forward a decade or so, and in came the teenage years (cue panda kohl eyes, glitter eyeshadows and sparkly lip glosses-YIKES). Using brushes wasn’t a main aim, and usually in the flurry of things everything was applied by hand and haphazardly.
Bring in 2016 and we seem to be in some sort of makeup revolution! Teenage girls are skipping right through the ugly duckling phase (thank you YouTube tutorials) and the world of “professional” makeup is becoming increasingly accessible and applicable for the average woman. makeup was always a hobby of mine, even before it became a career path and it’s definitely something you can never learn enough of! Everyday and through numerous pathways you pick up something new and it is only when you experiment day in and out that you know what works well and what doesn’t.
Let me reiterate, there really is no right or wrong when it comes to applying yourface,but one thing I can say from experience is how MUCH of a difference it makes when using the correct and high quality brushes! People who know me, will understand how much I love this product and why I say it’s a NECESSITY in every girl’s cosmetics bag. Drum roll please….. THE beauty BLENDER! I cannot rave enough about this product and how easy it is to use but more importantly what flawless finish it gives to your face!As a Kim Kardashian makeup fan, I read about the product and was curious to try it (despite its egg like appearance) and it truly does wonders to your makeup game. (*Side note, ALWAYS wet the sponge and drain the excess water before using). Now careful with all the other versions of the beauty blender that are available in the market, I found the original to be the best (even compared to the MAC & Bobbi Brown ones) and it’s available at a reasonable price. Another version that I recently came across and LOVED was the Magic Cosmetix one with the blender held on a stick, it was super easy to use and extremely thorough when it came to blending contour!
A few of my other MUST haves include the MAC 210 brush for eyeliner (there’s just NOTHING like it especially when it comes to winging that flick), MAC 224 for blending virtually anything, Sigma E75 angled brush for those perfect eyebrows, MAC 168 angled brush for contour as well as foundation application; to name a few.
Remember there’s nothing wrong in using your fingers when it comes to applyingmakeup if that’s what you’re used to, I find the oil residue tends to make themakeup last for a shorter period of time and it is harder to achieve that “airbrushed” look. So invest in good brushes (that doesn’t mean expensive ones) and remember it’s all about trial and error! Till then… Stay beautiful, stay confident.
Sumrina Khan is a Lahore based freelance makeup artist specializing in beautiful bespoke fashion and editorial makeup for clients of all skin tones.
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