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8GB RAM smartphone is an upcoming disaster?

8GB RAM smartphone is an upcoming disaster?

That being said, we will soon have the first mobile in the world that spot huge 8GB RAM coming soon this year. However, some are arguing that, a 8GB RAM smartphone is nothing but a diaster waiting to happen. Why? Let’s find out with us 

8GB RAM smartphone: the huge capactiy goes to…

The world of smartphone is changing at a faster pace than ever, to the point that we are already experiencing 6GB RAM mobiles and expecting the 8GB RAM coming soon. As what we already explained in a previous article, updating from 4GB RAM to 8GB RAM does not necessarily mean your phone will be twice as powerful.
Recently, Google and its partners have started to unveil how the hardware storage is divided into usage. According to that, the bigger RAM your smartphone has, the more space it is taken up for firmware. Following that, a 8GB device would need to sacrifice around 4GB for Android OS installation – which are the “read-only” parts that can not be moved or edited. You would be thinking right now “then there is still 4GB RAM free for personal customization”, right?
Well, not really. The available 4GB RAM will run out very quickly, too fast that it would surprise you. And of course, we are mentioning about the media that can’t be saved to microSD card to free your space. The so-called files include: – constant updates to the core Google and Android apps like Chrome, YouTube and a bunch of others, – the cache files that take up temporary RAM capacity and slow down multi tasking (like we explained previously), – other essential apps that you use frequently like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and so on and so on…..
So the point of this new discovery is that, with a huge 8GB RAM, you to give up the bigger capacity for firmware and compulsory pre-installation as well as updates. Although it will cost much more than an average mobile in our market nowadays, a 8GB RAM smartphone performance will soon decrease and disappoint its users.
8GB RAM smartphone: upcoming magic or expected disaster!
To make the long story short, please keep in mind that the above explanation is results from a recent findings from Google. Till the official release of the first 8GB RAM smartphone, we are yet to confirm whether this huge capacitiy will become a WOW factor or a disaster coming to happen.


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