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Nokia 767 smartphone design will bring you some nostalgia

Nokia 767 smartphone design will bring you some nostalgia

Nokia 767 smartphone design is a stunning smartphone that makes sure to give you enough nostalgia… Well, take a look and you will find out how 

Nokia 767 smartphone: made-over best seller

Nokia 767 smartphone is a render design created by Ihar Novik from Belarus. Running on Windows Phone OS (instead of the expected Android), the phone has a fancy and elegant appearance. However, if you are a tech geek, or were born in the 90s, you will immediately find this Nokia 767 very familiar. That being said, this new Nokia smartphone has an inspiration from the signature Nokia 7610 – one of the best selling Nokia phones back then.
Nokia 7610, the so called made-over version of Nokia 767, carries the unique format with curved edges on 2 opposite directions. This makes the whole handset look like a leaf (which is actually a nickname many of us used to call the old Nokia 767 back then). Besides the curved edges, the new mobile comes with no button on the front, and has a back side that looks like that of LG G4.
Designer Ihar Novik did not confirm the specs to equip on his unique Nokia design. But we are predicting Nokia 767 specs to belong in the budget category of smartphones. Therefore, Nokia 767 specs, apart from the OS, may have a similar package to Nokia E1 specs: 2GB RAM, 20MP Pureview and around 3,500 mAH battery. Talking about Nokia 767 smartphone screen size, the handset looks visually smaller than an average smartphone nowadays. As far as the size is concerned, we predict the display measures around 4.0 inch.

Nokia 767: potential Nokia comeback

Current rumors and sources are suggesting that, Nokia will bring a very affordable mobile on its comeback 2016. And this Nokia 767 smartphone – as an improved version of the good old Nokia 7610, looks a lot like a device many of us would love buying. Therefore, the expected Nokia 7610 price is around USD 180 – USD 200, slightly lower than its competitor Nokia E1, which costs around USD 250.

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