Google to ‘pause’ its Fiber rollout

Google to ‘pause’ its Fiber rollout

According to the Ars Technica, OnTuesday, Google announced that the company has planned to halt or pause its Fiber High-speed internet services in the 10 cities, the company has the plan to eliminate the several positions in those cities, the company will eliminate 9% of the total number of employees of the division.

Not so many customers will be affected by this decision, because only those customers will be affected where the company is trying to expand its fiber service, however, people of eight metro areas where fiber is already installed will enjoy the company’s services.
It will also not affect the places where the company has already confirmed about the establishment of the fiber services, these places are San Francisco, Irvine, Huntsville and San Antonio.

Places like Chicago, Dallas, Portland,Tampa and San Diego can’t be able to enjoy the services.
The company is in need of “stay ahead of the curve” in order to provide gigabit internet services to its users and customers.
Previously, It is reported that Fiber has been failed to achieve its subscriber goal, on the other hand, Google has just purchased web pass and high-speed wireless ISP.
These two factors may have been the main reason for the Company’s decision of pausing the installation of the physical fiber lines.

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