Facebook wants to be your guide on Election Day

Facebook wants to be your guide on Election Day

The presidential debates have been over now and Facebook is trying to help its users to prepare for the voting booth.
For this purpose, Facebook is going to update its app with a new feature that is developed to help users in order to create a plan for voting. The company will help users to get information about the candidates but also about the elections around the state. Facebook will also allow you to give your address and the company will inform you about your ballot no.The company said it will gather data for the feature from nonpartisan Center for Technology and Civic Life. The feature will display candidate on a horizontal scroll in random order.
From this feature, you are able to review candidate’s issue positions, endorsements, recent social media posts and websites containing their information.
After developing you plan for voting using the feature, Facebook will email you and will allow you to take a copy this email with you to the voting booth.(you need to print out the email because many states of America don’t allow phone in the voting booth.). After your permission, Facebook will publicly share on its site about your Favorite candidate.
Moreover, Facebook has also introduced the new feature named as “Ask for Advice”, which will let you get advice about the Political war and this feature is also available on its messenger app, by clicking on it a new window will pop up for posting to the news feeds.
This feature indicates that social media companies have been working hard to capture the conversation of presidential race 2016 and get the attention of users as much as possible.
Until now, both Facebook and Twitter have streamed the debates between Trump and Clinton. Youtube is also trying to cover up the events regarding Presidential race.
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