Laugh like a witch with Halloween Facebook reactions

Laugh like a witch with Halloween Facebook reactions

After few time intervals, Facebook is making small and good updates about emoji’s and reactions and has just updated its reaction to Halloween makeover.
Emoji are different from the reaction or “Like” a post, However, the user can still share their current feeling. Previously, the yellow face emoji indicates ‘Haha,’ ‘Wow,’ ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry’ but these are now changed to  laughing witch, surprised ghost, crying Frankenstein and haunting pumpkin. Soon Facebook will update its emoji to the new ones.
According to the release, Facebook is also introducing this Halloween makeover feature to Facebook Live. Snap-chats such as Masks that permit the users to post a skull, evil queen, a pumpkin or witch over their face while streaming.
Magic wand located on the top left corner of the Facebook Live, by tapping on it you will able to find the Halloween makeover. Mask is planning to reveal this feature in the next few days only for the people using Facebook Live on iOS in the US, UK, and New Zealand.
This feature will be available for the limited time only.
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