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Lenovo’s Moto M reportedly packs 5,100mAh of power

Lenovo’s Moto M reportedly packs 5,100mAh of power

It is not confirmed that when Lenovo is going to release its latest Moto handset but rumors about its specs have been spreading  which indicates what features will be coming. Earlier this week, rumors about the new phone have been spread, rumors indicate that the company is going to feature its smartphones with a rear-facing fingerprint sensor and also uni body frame which will make the phone more attractive. Moreover, the biggest surprise about the Lenovo’s new phone is that the company is providing a 5,100 mAh battery in the phone which will provide you one month standby time.
However, the cost of the phone may vary, but the battery of the phone is 47% greater than that of Pixel XL and 75% larger than that in iPhone 7 Plus. Previously, The LG X Power having a 4,100 mAh battery is named ass having the largest battery but now Lenovo’s Moto is taking a lead now. In order to charge a battery of that size, the company is also providing a rapid charger of 4.5A.

The Moto M will be able to operate Android 6.0 Marshmallow having Octa-Core 2.9 GHz snapdragon processor,4 GB RAM and 64 OR 32 GB ROM which can be extended to 128 GB using micro SD. According to the rumors, the phone will be released in December but still release date.


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