Apple drops its iconic startup chime from the new MacBook Pros

Apple drops its iconic startup chime from the new MacBook Pros

Previously, Apple has eliminated its ports for the headphones and revealed its new Air Pods, now Apple has eliminated its startup chime from its new MacBook Pro family and this is at least somewhat because of the 2016 MBPs, they will turn themselves on and boot up when you will open them.
However, the power button still has the functionality to turn off the system, therefore no need to use it to turn on the system.

Startup Chimes said that the new MacBook Pro will not blast when you will open it in the public places or mid-meeting.

As from the Apple, the auto-startup will be booted when you will start up MacBook Pro by opening or plugging it in for the charging during connecting to the power while the lid is open and even if you have connected your machine to the external device.
Pingie, the first organization to identify the changes that have been made in the support notes of the Apple and also brings the MacBook Pro in line with all the other Apple product Family.
There are no startups that have introduced in the Apple iPhones, iPads or the Apple watches.

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