Apple’s New Campus Is Suddenly Enormous

Apple’s New Campus Is Suddenly Enormous

It is reported that Apple is planning to build its new spaceship campus. By visiting the campus construction area or simply looking at the pictures taken by drone indicates that campus will be very huge.
Due to the huge the size of the Campus, it is very hard to grasp the full-fledged picture of the camp beforehand, but the latest footages have been the good work in order to show that how much the size of campus will be.

Initially, the budget that has been announced for the Campus construction was $4 billion but now it has bee increased almost $1 billion and the total expense of the construction now reaches almost $% billion until now.
The campus contains the underground auditorium which will be used to display the new products. Apple also plans to introduce its solar panel technology in its new Campus.
The most surprising thing about the campus is that you can’t be able to see the underground parking garage where 11000 cars can be parked at a time, you can expect the size of the garage with these numbers. Just imagine that you can be lost at night on that campus how will you feel.

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