Latest Twitter alpha introduces shortcuts, multi-window, and more

Latest Twitter alpha introduces shortcuts, multi-window, and more

Like Facebook, Twitter is also a biggest social media network in the entire world. Almost 310 million users that log in daily into their accounts and like to post 140 words’ view on their timeline.
However, from the past few months, Twitter has been in the talks with other tech companies and offering them to buy the company. The company still have time to release its new alpha version for its Android app that is coming with the new handy features with Android Nougat.
Th update has three main new features in it. The first feature that this update contains is App shortcuts, shortcuts are of New Message, Tweet, and Search, which will help the users to save a lot of time.

The second feature is Multi-window support through which users will be able to open multiple application at one time in the split-screen mode for increasing productivity. This update will work only on Android Nougat devices. The third feature of the update is design oriented, after which the Twitter icon is now round.
The update is not available yet to all the users and can’t be download from the play store. This update will be only available to the users that have signed up for the Twitter’s alpha program.
The alpha has little bit bugs, the bugs are that the users who are running the alpha will be stuck in the notifications when the app is open.
We don’t have any clue that when the company is going to release its alpha version in the market. But, only for those users who do not have the patience to wait for its official release on the play store they can download the alpha version APK.

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