Starbreeze deal gives you more freedom to move in VR

Starbreeze deal gives you more freedom to move in VR

Starbreeze, a company who has planned to reveal its VR in Imax theaters and pods, if the company wants to unveil it then the company needs to create good inducing experiences in order to achieve that goal.
For this purpose the company has bought Nozon, a visual effects house who has recently make a good breakthrough, this breakthrough is an interactive parallax effect that allows you more freedom while watching 3D scanner VR video.
You will be able to get the quality closer to pre-rendered 3D, but it is providing more freedom in order to tilt your head and provide you more freedom to look around more naturally. You will feel as like you are in the given scene.

HTC ask the company that You don’t need Nozon’s technology in order to provide freedom of movement in the VR tracking.
However, all the approaches that have been developed earlier and designed for gaming, not like pay-per-view experiences which the
Studios will surely get the benefits from this product for the recreation of the movie and TV scenes that you want to watch or guided tours that guide you to watch a more good quality video than 360-degree video clips.
Clearly, the company will take its time to unveils its technology and then users wi be able to watch videos naturally but you need a good reason to leave home for a VR.
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