Teen hacker ‘accidentally’ causes 911 attack

Teen hacker ‘accidentally’ causes 911 attack

An 18-year-old boy has accidently swamp Arizona’s emergency services with thousands of the 911 telephone call and has been charged.
MeetKumar Hiteshbhai Desai has told police about the incident, he said that the boy has tried to share the link on Twitter, this link contains the javascript code that has identified the iOS bugs which hangs mobile or make the phone restart.
The boy expects and hopes that Apple will reward him for identifying and giving them information about the bugs in their iOS but he had mistakenly linked it to his previous app which makes Users’ phone keep on dialing 911.
Maricopa County sheriff’s office said in a release that more than 2000 users have clicked this link and which cause emergency threat across Arizona.
The reason for the emergency threat is that the 911 service is categorized as the critical infrastructure and those people who oppose its operation, in Arizona, have been treated as human trafficking or second-degree murder.
After the arrest of the boy, while talking to Police, Mr. Dessai said that that bug has been sent back to the boy using an online friend. Using the app, the boy wants to use it to make it harmless but People may found this annoying app very funny. After all, this is the good lesson to all of them who are trying to do research in the security field without having a good experience and all those who are still learners, not developers.

Dan Goodin said:
“Hacking devices or networks without the explicit permission and cooperation of their owners is dangerous and can result in significant legal penalties,”

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