The iPhone 8 could have wireless charging

The iPhone 8 could have wireless charging

According to the Nikkei Asian Review reports, it is reported that Apple will surely reveal wireless charging into its next Generation phones.
One of the main manufacturer partners of the Apple, Foxconn Technology Group has been making the wireless charging for the iPhone 8 that will be expectedly released next year.

The wireless charging feature has been introduced a few years ago and the manufacturers have taken the initiative in introducing this technology in their phones.

However, in all the apple products only apple watch is using this technology. Now, it seems that Apple is moving towards the wireless technology and for sure in 2017 we will be able to see the Technology in the Apple phones too.
In 2017, there will be the 10th anniversary of the company and it is expected that the company has a big plan for its 10th anniversary.
According to the Nikkei report, the iPhone 8 may come with the curved OLED display for the first time in the iPhone history. However, these reports have not been confirmed by the company.
Last week, during the speech Sharp President Tai Jeng-wu, has confirmed that the next iPhone will have OLED screen.
However, the report shows that the Foxconn group has been busy in making the wireless charging modules for the next generation iPhone.
According to tot the report the release of the technology is directly dependent on the Foxconn group because the technology will be only revealed when it is completed which is being in the process by Foxconn group.

For this purpose, the company needs to make some units of the product before finalizing it and releasing it.

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