YouTube deal ends years-long fight over music videos in Germany

YouTube deal ends years-long fight over music videos in Germany

German music fans have been finding it very difficult to stream movies from the last 7 years.
A dispute with the music rights group GEMA has forced youtube that the company should have to force the thousands of the music videos from the country but there are multiple alternative video sources for streaming.
Eventually, GEMA and Youtube both companies have been agreed on the deal, according to deal GEMA members will be paid for the video streams.The term and conditions of the deal has not been publicly released yet.

But it is expected that the deal will cover both usual ad-supported free viewing and the launch of the Youtube Red subscriptions in the Europe.

The companies haven’t completely eliminated the bills in this context.
GEMA says that there are various legal positions that whether or not the users are responsible for the music contents they have uploaded.
However, this is still a good news for the music fans. This deal will help a lot of people especially German artists and International artists.
Now, Germany is in process of synchronization with the Youtube’s broader music community. Now, you wont be able to miss out any cultural phenomena because you live in Munich instead of Miami.


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