Facebook has connected 40M people with

Today on the blockbuster earning calls of the Facebook, the founder of the world’s famous company Mark zukerberg said that the is helping many peoples around the world to get online.
Moreover, almost 0.5% of the population of the world has been connected to the internet and enjoying its services and Facebook has taken the accessibility initiative.
The company said that with the use of has help the company in growing fast regarding users, the company said growth has been increased from 3.63-4.67% since the last quarter and hit 1.79 billion users record.Carrier-subsidized Free Basics app and Express Wifi hubs have been used by the company to provide connection to different users.

In order to provide access to the remote areas, the company wants to use its Aquila solar-powered drones, satellites and other advanced technology.

The company has been trying to give access to those people who cant be able to afford data charges or those who live in the area having no access to the facebook.

Now 40 million people has been figured out who get online, which is up from 3 million in july 2014, 15 million in 2015 and 25 million earlier this year, which shows that the company growth at the rate 166% year over year.

After keeping in view about the banned basic app of the in the India, one of the biggest potential market, its growth is very strong. has tried to provide connectivity to Africa, so for this purpose,the company has established its first satellite but that was blew up due to after explode of spaceX’s rocket on the landing pad. is the only way through which Facebook can be able to achieve its goal of bringing the whole world at the same place using the web and wiil be able to get more people online who loke to be ad viewing Facebook users.

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