How much money does Facebook make from you?

On Wednesday, The world’s Famous social media, Facebook, has published that the company earned $7 billion,increased 0.59% since last year, revenue between July and September.
The company is earning almost $4.01 per user in the third quarter of the current year, which means that every user is very important to the Company.It means that the company has earned $ 36 from you if you have been using Facebook for the last three years, which is a handsome amount.
The company has earned almost $15.65 per user in the last quarter from the US and Canada, while it is $1.21 per user from the rest of the region around the world including North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. However, in the Europe, it was $4.72 in the last quarter.
However, the company did not provide the numbers from the UK but it is expectedly higher that the previous numbers as mentioned above. eMarketer estimates that this year the advertising earning of Facebook will be worth £1.189bn in the UK only.
According to the report, there are almost 31.6 million active users in the UK and average pounds per year on the users is 37.63 which is equal to $46.46 or $11.62 in the last quarter. These numbers does not include revenue from all other sources like gift payments.
As facebook has overtaken all other social medias in the race, Twitter’s average revenue is $1.94 per user in the last quarter of the current year which is far less than that of Facebook.
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