Mark Zuckerberg lost $3 billion in a single day

Today, the world’s famous social media website, Facebook, has lost almost $3 billion which is a huge loss and this is the first company who has ever lost $3 billion in a day.
Today, the company has shared that 5.5% of the shares of the company has been fell after warning of the chief financial officer to the investors that the company has expected the revenue growth from advertising to come down.
However, the company still holds a good amount of the shares which are approx 418 million in numbers, which is still a good for $50.2 billion.Tech Companies have estimated that the Zuckerberg is the world’s fifth richest man with the total net worth $52.2 billion, therefore, $3 billion may be the not huge amount for him.
After the today’s loss, the shares of the company has been 15% up, which adds up almost $6.4 billion in the Mark Zuckerberg’s total assets.
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