Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will include an AI assistant

Samsung revealed that its upcoming phone Samsung Galaxy S8 will include an AI assistance as one of its star attractions.
It is not yet confirmed that what the Artificial Intelligence in Galaxy S8 will be capable of, but it will let developers “attach and upload services” to extend the AI’s functionality beyond what you get out of the box.
It will be not much greater or have any other functionality that Apple and Google are offering in their assistants, and Samsung is not talking about its AI. Viv can create its own programs and it is able to understand complex intent in a way many other AI’s can not.Samsung is not even speaking about other things like the release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 and what kind of special features it will include.
However, recent Wall Street Journal reports claims that Samsung delayed the development of its upcoming phone, but it is expected that unveiling beyond the usual February/March window. Even after the failure of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung still has 80% of share in Pakistani market.

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