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Microsoft can release Windows Movie maker app for Windows 10 soon

In the present day, where iMovie or Power Director video editor are ruling the video editing software world, we have almost forgotten the Windows Movie maker app that used to come with Windows operating system. Even though the software lacked high end editing features, but it was a great application for beginners and its easy to use interface was golden for novice, Windows users. However with the advent of more advanced movie making app, Microsoft ignored its own Windows Movie Maker app.

After receiving feedback about the same, Microsoft has finally decided to ameliorate the Windows Movie Maker app. According to rumors, the Redmond based tech giant is reportedly working on a version of Movie Maker built for Windows 10 PCs.
The app is not advanced like the ones from Windows Essential era. The Essential apps have gone on to have modern versions developed such as Photos and the Mail & Calendar app, but Movie Maker. With the official dropping of support for Windows Essential software looming over the horizon on January 17, 2017, it seems the Windows team may be ready to offer a Movie Maker replacement in that time.
The Microsoft support page writes only a single thing “Movie Maker will soon be available for Windows Store for Windows 10 users.” No more additional information is there and hence


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