3G/4G Users in Pakistan Near 40 Million Mark

According to the report from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), 3G and 4G users are going to reach a 40 million mark.

By the end of last month, the number of broadband users reached to39.89 million and are rapidly increasing.

In March 2017, most of the users of 3G are using Jazz, the Telecom operator is having 362,463 3G users and its 4G users are almost 64,451. The total number of  Jazz 3G users are 12.45 million and 4G users are 799,519.

And during the last month, Zong has added more 4G users as compared to 3G users which clearly shows that the company only focuses on 4G services rather than 3G.

The company’s 3G users are 178,052 and 4G users are 261,406, this gap shows company’s development in 4G area.

However, Telenor remained consistent and adds 153,052 new 3G users and 95,717 4G users in the last month.

Similarly, Ufone continues to lose its customers and lost almost 198,597 3G users from the total of 4.67 million  3G users at the end of last month. Click the link below to get brief information about all 3G and 4G users of Telecom operators.

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