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Samsung Galaxy S8 Series Breaks Pre-Order Records

Today, Samsung proclaimed that its latest smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8+ would surpass the selling of S7 series and Note 7. So it seems that there claim is going to be right as the pre-orders of Galaxy s8 and S8+ surpassed 728,000 in South Korea.

The company anticipates that the pre-order may cross a 1 million mark before it begins the sale of smartphones on April 21st.

About 4 days ago, South Korean smartphone makers stated that most of the customers are making pre-order of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ and provided that the exact numbers reached to 550,000.

According to smartphone makers, pre-orders of Galaxy S8 and S8+ is five times the number of Galaxy S7 orders which are 100,000 and 2 times to the number of Note 7 orders which are 200,000.

In the US, the customers are also making a huge number of pre-orders for Galaxy S8+ and are better than that of Galaxy S8. According to a head of Samsung Mobile Division, DJ Koh:

Although we are not able to disclose the exact figure, preorders of the Galaxy S8 are higher than those of its predecessor Galaxy S7 in the US,

Additionally, he said the company did not spend a lot in the marketing of S8 as compared to S7 and Note 7, which means that the company is not in the position to take more chance after Galaxy Note 7 flop.

Keeping in view a large number of pre-order, Samsung has decided to increase production of Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Therefore, the company has also doubled the initial supply of Galaxy S8 and S8+ as compared to Galaxy S series released last year.

Pre-Orders in Pakistan

Pre-orders for both smartphones have also been started in Pakistan. As announced by Twitter Pakistan about 4 days ago.

The Samsung smartphones can be pre-ordered at retail outlets only. However, we do not know about the exact price of Galaxy S8 but it is expected that its price may be in between Rs. 86,000 and Rs. 90,000.

With every Pre-order, the customers can be able to win a Rs. 6,000 cash voucher which can be used as the discount.


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