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Pakistan Holds 4th Position Among Top Countries with Freelancers

You are a Freelancer or thinking to become one, and then it comes in your mind I am living in Pakistan how would I do it? Well, you should not worry because A freelancer can live and work anywhere, thanks to tools like email, video chat, and messaging services. You’d also be surprised to know Pakistan holds the 4th position among top freelancing countries.

These days buyers directly approach freelancers to get the job done instead of going to a company. In fact, most of the company get their work done by Freelancers, they search for a person with the required skill set and ask him to do the job for them and pay him/her. There are services like Freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork that help Freelancers create their profile and grab orders and make their living by earning online.

“For companies hiring freelancers, having access to a global market means having the ability to find the exact skill set they’re looking for, whether that is in marketing, design, business consulting, or programming. It also means they can find more affordable help than they could get in their local markets. Often particular countries are known for certain specialties: in the US, writing and translation freelancers abound, while in India, you can find quality software development and technology expertise at a budget-friendly rate.”, reported by Payoneer

It’s likely no surprise that 24% of all online workers live in India, 55% of Indian freelancers work in software development or technology.

Just behind India is Bangladesh, which is home to 16% of the global freelance population.

While the U.S. doesn’t have quite the freelance population of India or Bangladesh, there still are a significant number of freelancers. There are, in fact, about 55 million freelancers in the US, which is around 35% of the American workforce.

Number four on the freelancing industry report in Pakistan. Because many higher education institutes in Pakistan focus on computer science and software engineering, there is a glut of recent graduates that find it challenging to find full-time work. And so, they turn to freelancing, generating a whopping $1 billion this year alone.

Asia by far dominates the freelance market globally. With affordable labor and a highly-skilled and technical workforce, Asian countries have made a name for themselves with companies all over the world.

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