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Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to Remain Blocked Till Further Notice!

The government of Pakistan has decided to keep social media websites blocked in Pakistan including Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion and Twitter until law and order situation gets back to normal, sources confirm it.

The Social Media Blackout in Pakistan

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has said that government will decide future of social media blockage in Pakistan and the action is taken over the notice of Interior Ministry.

It is also said that decision for the restoration of social media will also be taken by Interior Ministry and PTA will follow the orders and implement as soon they are issued by Government.

In first of its kind move, Government of Pakistan had yesterday decided to block Facebook, Twitter, DailyMotion and YouTube to block access to information in the country.

If you are facing slow browsing

It’s not just about social media, because of rerouting processes involved in blocking of selected websites overall internet speed in the country is affected. Internet Service Providers are saying that the slow internet speed is due to excessive blocking and the issue will be resolved after the ban is lifted from YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

It’s also worth mentioning that the usage of VPN has also spiked since yesterday and users are using VPNs and Proxies to bypass the blockade.

Social activists and media community is already voicing against this black-out by the government of Pakistan.

Association said that right to information is a fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution of Pakistan, that has been denied by this latest move the government.

It said that TV channels had been responsibly covering the event and protest for the viewers of Pakistan including the dharna’s side effects as well as the court’s judgment regarding it.

“Across the board, unilateral action must be avoided at all cost by the Government / PEMRA,” said the statement.


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