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The Galaxy S9 may have an advantage over every other Android phone next year

The launch of Galaxy S8 didn’t go this year as planned by Samsung, as a direct result of Galaxy Note 7 recall. However, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 devices were still first Android devices to bring to the market a crucial critical component, one that other rivals lacked. Galaxy S9 and S9+ could be …

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Galaxy Note 9 may have under-display fingerprint sensor

Three Companies to Supply Samsung With Samples Story Highlights In our latest analysis of recent under-display optical fingerprint recognition industry developments, we see Korean suppliers and Synaptics as having better visibility among suppliers. With regard to the latest biometrics technologies, however, we favor the 3D sensing segment. The Galaxy Note 9 …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched in Pakistan

The global leader in technology and electronics – Samsung has launched its most advanced Galaxy Note 8 smart-device that features the fascinating S-Pen and numerous other revolutionary technologies, to enrich the lives of tech-savvy consumers. A grand ceremony was held at the Expo Center in Lahore on Friday, 6th of …

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5 Features of Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL to Get Excited About

If you have not purchased smartphone yet and waiting for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, then this rumors roundup will provide you with brief aspects of both flagships that cover specifications, pricing, and further details. 5 pretty impressive features are worth checking in Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL 1. …

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Samsung Will Make More From Sales Of iPhone X Than The Galaxy S8

This weeks’ research revealed that Samsung will earn $4.2 billion in revenue from their sales to Apple for the production of iPhone X. This is simply more than the revenue generated from their main flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8. Counterpoint’s Research The report was generated by Counterpoint Technology and it predicted the …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wins ‘Gadget of the Year’ Award

This time, it’s not an iPhone. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been crowned with the title ‘Gadget of the Year’ at India Mobile Congress (IMC) Awards. IMC Awards identify innovations that are reshaping the Information & Communication Technologies in India. Samsung is India’s biggest smartphone brand and in order to …

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