How to Find the Perfect Bong




Smoking experiences can be enhanced with the right bong. Choosing the perfect bong isn’t as simple as it seems. There are many differences in the variety of bongs that can affect your smoking experience. The correct size of the bong can affect the drag experience; the number of percolators in the bong will affect the flavor and the drag. The cleanliness of the bong and the handling has to be taken care of as well.

correct size of the bong

You must have heard the saying,
“Size doesn’t matter.” It sure does apply to the bong when people say bigger
bongs are better. New smokers can’t tell better bong from the other, and it can
also be difficult for people who roll their own smokes to find a perfect bong.
Which is why bigger bongs might not be that enjoyable to new smokers because it
gives you a big hit, and when you are not used to it, it can be overwhelming.

Large bongs provide extra filtration
and cooling, but the flavor can be lost in the midst. Because of that, choosing
a smaller bong is quite the option. It has many benefits. One being that it
maintains the flavor profile throughout the smoke and are often called “flavor
savers.” Another thing is that, because it is smaller, it is cheaper, so you
don’t have to shell out a lot more than needed on the bong itself. The small
size also means that they are quite easy to pack and travel with.

fragility of the bong

Bongs break easily when dropped and
hit with enough force. If you are clumsy and tend to drop a lot of stuff then
getting a silicone bong is the best thing to do. Silicone bongs are made from
food grade silicon for it to be safe to use. Another benefit is that it is
easier to store and carry because it can be folded and stowed away.

number of percolators

Percolators are additional chambers
in the bong. Additional chambers provide additional filtration. Additional
chambers increase the smoothness. A bong with multiple percolators isn’t a good
idea for new smokers because although the smoothness increases, the drag
increases as well. It means that it becomes more difficult to inhale the smoke
and you will require forceful inhalation which isn’t exactly a good idea for a
new smoker.

and maintenance of the bong

Like any other thing you use
frequently, your bong needs to be cleaned and maintained too. Resin and tar
build up with use in the chambers of the bang, affecting the taste and hygiene
of the bong. Large bongs, bongs with multiple percolators are difficult to
clean. Small bongs, bongs with less number of percolators are easier to care
for. Change the bong water for every time as well, maintain the hygiene as much
as you can.Finding the perfect bong depends on your
experience as a smoker, taking that into account select the right size, with
the right number or percolators, and the right material, and you are good to


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