How to get traffic without spending on advertisement?



When you start a business your
main objective is to get customers. However, attracting customers is not always
easy especially if you have a low marketing budget. Fortunately, there exists a
number of ways to help you acquire customers for your business without spending
a lot of money on advertisement. Growth hacking is one of them.

get traffic without advertising

Leverage growth hacking to earn higher ROI

Growth hacking offers business
owners a cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing methods by helping
them grow and retain customers at no extra cost. Given the rise in competition
nowadays more and more businesses are using strategic methods to achieve their
desired results. Take for instance Dropbox. Instead of using traditional
advertising to grow their customer base Dropbox implemented a number of growth
hacks that ultimately made them a $12 billion company.

When Dropbox was first founded in the year 2007 it was using Google Ads to acquire customers. However, they soon realized that spending a huge amount of money on a product that costs around $5/month to gain customers is not going to benefit them in the long run. Therefore, they leveraged growth hacking by creating a free product/service.

Here’s how
Dropbox leveraged growth hacking to its advantage

1. Creating a profitable model and offering it for free

As a matter of fact, all of us
love using a free product. Dropbox didn’t only create a profitable product but
also allowed users to use it for free thus creating a large audience base for
its product and service.

2. Finding a problem and offering a solution for it

It would be a great help to
have all our data in one place rather than having it spread across various
devices. Dropbox provided a meaningful solution to this by offering free cloud
storage. Moreover, this data can be accessed anywhere irrespective of the
device you are using.

3. Make people aware of how your product can benefit them

When Dropbox was first launched
people weren’t really searching for a product where they can store all their
data. Hence, the biggest challenge faced by Dropbox was to make people want to
use its product. Dropbox did this with the help of a simple storytelling.

Similarly, Amazon is leveraging
the growth hacking tactics with the help of its Prime membership. Although the
product is not really free but includes various benefits such as same-day
delivery and free shipping on a lot of products once you have paid for the
prime membership. So you can easily leverage growth hack for as long as you
have free product/services to offer.

that offering a free product or service is also going to cost money

Before you leverage growth
hacking you must understand that creating and offering users a free product and
services is also going to cost you a lot of money. However, this cost will be
nothing as compared to what you will spend with Google Ads.

Suppose you have a product worth $120000. Paid advertising on Google will cost you roughly around $500000 to get customers for your products. Offering it for free is still profitable and will also give you a higher ROI, build trust among your customer and add brand value to your company. It will also scale your customer acquisition strategy and your business will keep growing at little to no extra cost.

You can further use growth
hacking to incentivize your current users to refer to others in lieu of some
benefits such as increased storage, free one-month service etc.

Use creative approach for marketing your products/ services

The next important thing is how
you present your product or service because simply creating a free
product/service doesn’t guarantee that users will like to use it too. It is
advised to keep things simple if you really want users to use your products and

Here are some takeaways from
the marketing approach used by Dropbox:

1. Fuss-free signup

The signup process can be
completed either from desktop or web browser and involves only a few steps to
get started. Once the signup is completed Dropbox puts a ‘getting started text
file’ explaining users how to use Dropbox

You should help users get
started with your products and service through some sort of tutorials. Try to
keep it simple and engaging. Furthermore, offer them some incentive that will
help them come back to your product or service.

2. Refer a friend

Dropbox users get increased
storage space with each referral.

Friend referrals not only
increase trust in your product or service but further offer users incentive to
recommend your services. You can use friend referrals to promote your product
without spending any money.

3. Get creative with social media

Given the significance of
social media, it is extremely important to strengthen your social media
presence. Since a simple ‘Like us on Facebook’ is no longer enough Dropbox
offered users increased free space with each Facebook like and Twitter follow.

Offer some incentive to your
new as well as loyal customers from time to time to make sure that your
customer base is strong and growing.

4. Availability on various devices

Dropbox allows users to access
it from various devices and platforms thus making it easier for them to use it.
It has further helped Dropbox grow its user’s base.

When you develop a product or
service, list its unique features and find out how you can use it to gain a
competitive advantage over others.

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